Wild Words Fest & Covid Safety

So many of us have had to cancel plans since the beginning of 2020 – it’s natural to feel cautious about booking for an event. Here’s what we’re doing at Wild Words Fest to keep you (and your booking) safe.

Full Refunds until May 27th – Whatever your circumstances you can cancel, no questions asked, up to a week before the event. You will recieve a full refund of your ticket price.

Covid-insurance included – if you need to self isolate and cannot attend the event then send details to us at info@wildwordsfest.com with the subject line Covid Refund for a refund (minus a £7.50 per ticket excess.) You’ll also receive a discount code for priority booking for the 2023 event.

Covid-Safe event structure: We have marquees for shelter, but in the event is classed as an outdoor event as long as 50% of the side panels are open. That means that – should circumstances dictate that outdoor-only events are mandated or just a good idea – we can keep you safe with plenty of fresh air.

Full Covid risk assessment: We’ll be taking the measures that have been shown to reduce transmission – ventilation, limiting numbers, using masks in enclosed spaces, getting our vaccines. We will also encourage everyone to do their part to keep the festival healthy and safe. Depending on the prevailing circumstances we may carry out temperature checks on arrival. We encourage the use of LFTs before attending. Don’t forget, if you get that dreaded double, send us proof of your Covid status to get a ticket refund (minus £7.50 excess) plus a discount on the 2023 event. And our wishes for a speedy recovery!

By Emma Byrne

Emma Byrne (The Sweary Scientist) is a PhD scientist with a background in artificial intelligence and neuroscience (and a foul mouth!) She's fascinated by brains, language, and swearing.

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