Roll / Flip / Draw

Playable stories, interactive fiction, games…whatever you call them, some of the most exciting new fiction is coming out of GAMES.

At Wild Words Fest we are hugely luckly to have Chloe Mashiter taking us through the way they create and write absorbing, inspiring, transformative games.

Chloe is a game- and theatre-maker who specialises in interactive and game-based performance. Their work spans both live and digital work, as a game-designer, narrative designer, facilitator and performer. They also publish original tabletop role-playing games and live-action role-playing games as Roll/Flip/Draw.

Their work focuses on creating spaces in which people can collaborate in telling stories together, whether in a theatre, around a table, on a video call or as part of a livestream. From immersive live shows, to text-adventures, to month-long events with hundreds of people contributing to one story, meaningful interaction and player/audience input is at the core of Chloe’s work both in theatre and in gaming.

They are an artistic associate at playful adventure makers Coney, and regularly collaborate with interactive specialists Parabolic Theatre and Upstart Theatre.

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By Emma Byrne

Emma Byrne (The Sweary Scientist) is a PhD scientist with a background in artificial intelligence and neuroscience (and a foul mouth!) She's fascinated by brains, language, and swearing.

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