Meet Our Bookseller: the fine folk at All Good Bookshop

When we were looking for an onsite bookseller, we knew we had a few key requirements. They should be inclusive, ethical, and have impeccable taste. With that in mind we are thrilled to welcome All Good Bookshop as our Official Bookseller at Wild Words Festival 2022. When we visited the shop, we saw one of their booksellers on the phone as they tracked down a hard-to-find-book, and got it shipped to the happy recipient. The team has a personal shopper service, curates great events, and is run by all-round-good-folks.

All Good Bookshop takes orders on their website, and via twitter. They’ll order in books from anywhere in the world, and they’ll send them out – or they can bring them along to the festival for you, if you tell them we sent you!

The bookshop is a co-op and is run to benefit the community and its partners. You can even own a share of it here, and get a 10% discount on books for life. Nice!

By Emma Byrne

Emma Byrne (The Sweary Scientist) is a PhD scientist with a background in artificial intelligence and neuroscience (and a foul mouth!) She's fascinated by brains, language, and swearing.

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